10 Good Reasons To Quit Facebook

With the advent of online community sites, Facebook has been amongst the most popular haven for onlline relationship developers. With the same intent, I too, tried to find some space for my self for satiating my communal relationship development needs. But sooner, I discovered that it was nothing worthwhile succumbing to such a website. Amongst those bothering stuff I felt wrenched is what I am about to discuss.


People, for no reason find it amusing to bother by “poking” people on their friends list. Perhaps expecting the same in return.


With an online database that can handle your friends’ birthday dates and profiles, it becomes more convenient to bother people with their Happy Birthday Notifications. So if you have around 200 friends, that means somewhat 200 notifications in return. Worst is responding to all of them.


O come on, as in, is it necessary to compare people, and then grade them as per your kinship.


Sounds obnoxious, but is it pretty necessary to bother people out of nothing while you may be working over something serious.


What if you get a notification that says. “Hey, your friend has just sent you a candy!”. Now, can somebody define what am I supposed to do with it?


Too many people on Facebook, with a big diversity of ages. I believe there should be some age limit.


Errr… when everything else seems resistable, how about a friend notifying you to join some radical, crappy group like “Young Snowball Fight Group”, when you can only dream that your city might get some chill winds some day.


I have had a phobia of people posting erratic comments over your video. Ain’t that too embarrassing?


Now that we have to mention how are we related to someone whom we are adding as a friend. Darn! Do you really care..?


Last, but not certainly not the least. Why the hell does somebody, who doesn’t even have a direct relationship with me, need to be notified about a photo/video or a link with which he has nothing to do, except exploit my privacy?

So this is me, and this what made me quit Facebook. Do you agree?


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