PAKISTAN- A Failed State?

As Pakistan enters into the new century, it is still spiralled into the miseries of the “failed” third world nation. Frequently fluctuating on the idiot box, both as nation with young, brimming talent; and a nation with politicians and the army inundated into the corruption and heinous crimes, Pakistan’s image has fluctuated throughout the years. Some tend to predict that Pakistan, unlike Iraq, is pushed into a land of civil war, with terrorism out-leashed, and the clash within ethnic, social and religious group tend to come upon no mutual understanding. In the eyes of many foreign powers, Pakistan, a nuclear power, has become a ticking time bomb, ready to explode at any time.

Some are even of the viewpoint that Pakistan, may sooner or later face the same consequences as East Pakistan, today known as Bangladesh, which separated as a result of the uncontrolled ethnic and various other differences. Yet still, some questions still remain unanswered.

The problems that emerged around more than sixty years ago, right after the independence, have still not been fixed. The socio-economic troubles such as wealth distribution has remained critical. The feudal societies have not promoted the nourishment of any government, civil or military, to prosper and resolve the problems of people, if ever they tried to felt sympathetic to them.

The educational problem also tend to linger around with less than 45% capable of reading, or even writing their own name. The same goes with the health care facilities. With high infant mortality rates, and death rates, the accessibility to basic health-care seems to be out of reach of people.

Besides, the hay-wired religious segregation and implementation, by those who have used religion to bulwark themselves, or for the acquisition of their personal motives, have marred the religious concepts and beliefs for the Pakistanis as a whole.

The problems can be extended to every aspect and facet of a mundane Pakistani. The list goes on and on. Yet the derivation of a panacea seems inevitable.

In the light of my personal synthesis, the following seems to be the most  derivative to most ails of the country.

Firstly, the Constitution, which is meant to be a compass and a guiding principle for the nation, should be upheld supreme, unadulterated and sacred. No amendments should be allowed into it that tends to cater politicians’ avarice and appetite.

Secondly, the law and order should be made equal for every citizen, not matter from which background a person may belong to, and must be ensured that it is PRACTICED the same way.

A lot of budget is wasted upon the defence of the country, mostly to protect against the neighbour country’s aggression and belligerence. Hence, rather than spending such a huge amount gratifying a useless needs of vendetta; such an amount should be invested in country’s social welfare, like education and rural development, while the government itself should focus upon building up better, and stronger relationships, based upon symbiotic fraternity with its neighbour countries.

For some people it might seem like a dream but all nations have to dream before the dream comes true. If Pakistanis don’t fulfill their founder’s dream, I am afraid their dream might turn into a violent nightmare in the not so distant future.


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