Encountering the Mythical Swine Flu

The rise of contagious Swine Flu has caused more panic around the world than any other disease. From the idiot box at home to the general conversation with colleagues, every person has some story to tell regarding Swine Flu. The recent intrusion of the disease in South Asia, particularly Pakistan, has allowed me to provide a deep insight into the disease and demystify the mythos associated with it. 1. Lets start the story from the scratch. As in the name itself- Swine Flu. That means one can only contract swine flu from pigs? Pretty untrue. In most of the recent cases, the virus has been shown to mutate, allowing swine flu to pass between humans. 2. Swine flu is so serious you should go straight to hospital if you think you have contracted it – Another myth which serves only to overload A & E departments. If you think you have swine flu, call your doctor and seek advice. By going into crowded places, such as a hospital, you risk infecting others, including those who are already sick and may have suppressed immune systems, leaving them vulnerable to complications involving the respiratory tract. 3. Swine flu is curable by Tamiflu – False. But it is not resistant to drugs either. Tamiflu can just help reduce the length of the disease. So far no drug has been produced that can actually counteract the virus. 4. The most common of all is that people consider that face masks can actually protect them from the Swine Flu. Face masks are just meant to minimize the outbreak of the disease through coughing or sneezing, and are not associated with resistance of the disease. 5. Swine flu, like aids, has no cure but death. Well, there have been considerable figures to justify the assertion. But thats not actually because people are infected. Its more because they have been unable to encounter the concerns they have been infected with it. People are not dying from swine flu, but from complications brought on by infections and health problems already in existence. 6. Pets can catch or induce Swine Flu – Good to comment over a humorous gathering! Plenty mentioned, these are only some of the myths behind the “anathema”. Rather than quarantine yourself and be absolutely isolated from the fears of catching the virus , wash your hands regularly and use anti-bacterial wipes on surfaces and objects if you are particularly concerned. After all, prevention rather than cure.



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