Zendagi Megzara

Life is complicated. The more you may try to simplify it, the worse it becomes. For everything else, what you need to learn is to ignore the unimportant stuff, and go ahead with something rejuvenating. Just the way plants do. They shun their old, yellow leaves in the times of “difficulty” and go ahead with the course of life. Of course, it’s never easy to find “evergreens” in our life. But the trade-off is making the life much more complicated for yourself, and perhaps nobody would succumb to that.

When you ask an afghan layman how he goes on with his life, he’s more likely to respond back by saying: “Zendagi megzara” or “Life is going on”. Perhaps, this is what we never imply to our lives. Life goes on. We meet people, we lose some of them, and then meet some new ones. For this is the circle of life.

I recently lost an important friend of my life in a car accident. Unlike my best school and college mates, most of them who either flew abroad or were lost in the quagmires of life after our academic careers ended up, this one certainly came up as a shock to me. For sure, they are missed. But then God never does injustice. He doesn’t leave you “amputated with your peripherals”. ¬†Either you get bold enough to stand and confront,or alternatives seem to exist. In the grotesque of our lives, the standpoint remains unfettered at the end. Trust yourself. As for in the times of need, you won’t find anyone better than yourself.


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