Colour Your Life Green

Taking an initiative to live green and up to the modern lifestyles can be a daunting task. It requires dedication, respect for nature and sacrifice. However, living this way is not as difficult as it may appear to be.
First of all, take time and plan about as to how one wants see his/her home look like, and the amount of budget that would permit to reap such expenditures. Cut your budgets and try going for more lively and vernacular choices. After all, it’s your one single act that can make a big difference.
Go with the on looks and tangible appearances first. Shed off those nasty inefficient incandescent bulbs and put in some CFL’s or Energy saver lights. These not only save a lot of electricity and last longer, but also look much better. Next: furniture settings. Go for some lighter, organic furniture rather than those huge wooden boards, especially in the case of cupboards where they more often tend to become a fuss.
When choosing a paint shade, always select the one that goes with the daily lifestyle, yet is compatible and lighter in shades. However this does not mean to color the house completely white. However, painting in lighter shades would permit greater into the room, saving lots of running energy, besides providing a sustainable larger space. But this step may be more challenging than anticipated.
If you can afford the initial outlay, roof insulation is an absolute must for all houses. Roof insulation can reduce heating cost by approximately 13 percent; saving you money and greenhouse gas emissions. A well insulated roof can also substantially contribute to keeping your house cooler during the hotter months.
From building a solar cooker to only drying clothes outside, switching to a manual lawnmower and bringing reusable containers for take-out food, there are dozens of other limitless possibilities to add to your home for making it better and more environments friendly.
But once you are devoted to raising awareness about the environment, and all the things you can do to change, one is always open to ideas for living greener.


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