The Reluctant Fundamentalist?

It’s the dawn of another day. My metropolitan basks with impunity in the blood of the “martyrs”. The media cashes in putting the spotlight over the fundamentalists that attack the city’s crucial areas dooming the country’s financial hub. Ironically, it happens at a time when less than half of muslim population of the country still hasn’t recovered from the 1400 year old incident of the epic  and most lamentable event of the Islamic history. Yet we still dare to call those despicable assassins,  martyrs – the victims in the name of God! The story continues as the hunt for scapegoats continues from politician to a provincial governor; from law enforcing agencies to “extremist” sects, the story goes on and on. When nothing remains, we always have an option of blaming our neighbors. After all, what are they good for, when we have offered haven for their millions of refugees in our work force. It is woefully a strange paradox, a quagmire of unsolicited affairs, which are nearly impossible to conciliate. I don’t say our problems cannot be resolved. We have seen the maverick city develop into a wonderful metropolitan in the last few years. But as we hand over our leadership into irresponsible, despicable hands, that have nothing more to do except to offer lip service to the “gareeb awaam” and their party’s martyrs, we end up in a bottomless pit of endless troubles.


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