“There’s only one gender on earth- Men. Women are just their derivations, known for their astonishing ability to Woe-Men”.- Mustaali

Not many people know about my brimming levels of misogynist nature. Women wane, make things complicated, and tend to mess up things most of the times. For any mundane guy, the ultimate consequence is pangs of recruited woes.

Yet despite all such grudges, I have held a contemporary philosophy for them. They are unique in their own way, with contrasting nuances abridging a complicated nexus of personality paradigm existing within. They are like coins, radically two faced – one of them is for the world, which has an amazing ability to debauch the most virtuous, as well as rise the most downtrodden. The other one is what she is in private, intimate and versatile with myriads of affairs that run in her mind at all times. Both the sides constitute an inevitable degree of unpredictability. One may hardly guess what runs through her mind even in the most subtle and comprehensible situations. What one fails to realize is to see beyond these two faces, the multidimensional sides existing between the two major sides, and that’s where complication arises. But those who decipher those “codes” are men of true intellect. As for me, they would always remain obstreperous creatures of aldrich.


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