I frolicked around the “jungle” astray

Where my “barricade” lay on an askewed way

I rummaged for a familiar face,

In the department where I’d spent some good ol’ days,

But all I could see were those perambulated veils,

And walls daubed with distemper, paan and “A+R” tales,

And oft loitered those impudent souls,

With swarthy skins, bushy mustaches and protruded bowels,

Dubbed as mules, braggarts, and bitches of vice,

Who can never imagine student welfare is by any means nice,

Sangfroid of the strains of the people who are mean,

We dabble around the university’s canteen,

We drool, taunt, mock and retort each other,

For this is the way we ensure integrity with our every brother.


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