Career Opportunities at PCB

About Us:

We are an ill-reputed national organization, known for ditching its reputed players (at the pinnacle of their careers, as well as at their retirement), and for having a lunatic head as its chairman. Coincidentally we have BUTTS in all cases.

Career Openings:

Now, as a part of contingency plan to  satiate our avarice and serve the appetite of a cricket crazy nation, we are looking forward for 11 potential candidates who can fix the damage (by winning the Cricket World Cup 2011) for the nation.

The ideal candidates should possess the following traits:

  • Must have an immaculate  agility, competence, fitness and sportsmanship spirit to pulverize the Indian eleven, such that it casts an exemplar impeccable damage for the generations to come.
  • Must be able to work in team (and individually), both as a batsman and bowler, or least either of these.
  • Must be able to catch with both hands. Those having ability to dive and catch shall be preferred. Candidates whose names start with “Kam..”, kindly shouldn’t bother applying.
  • Pacers having the ability to shackle the stumps and break partnerships would be a privilege. Recent retirees may also apply.

How to Apply:

Those matching the above criterion may forward their applications to:

Mr Butt (without Gutts), Pakistan Cricket Board, Lahore.

Hurry, the deadlines for accepting applications is March 29, 2011.


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