In the Quagmire of Debacles

The long sought man hunt of Al Qaeda Chief has finally ended. His doom is brought about by the foreign forces who claim to have identified his whereabouts almost nine months back, in the vicinity of military garrison in Pakistan. As idiosyncratic as it can be, the local media blared with the news of his assassination, while bragging about the courage of the brazen foreign army and whimsically criticizing the intelligence agencies for it non-responsiveness all at the same time. The public, on the other hand, has dabbled in nothingness, denying claims of his death based on the poor showcase of evidence by the responsible parties. As his dead body succumbed to the gushes of the sea, the agnostics of those concerned has spiraled up high, furthering the discontent against the American imperialism amongst the local masses. The fettering speech by the Pakistani president after a long silence has done little to dispel the suspicions, both amongst the local and foreign masses. In fact, the irate Congressmen have now sought to review its aid package to Pakistan, based upon the “withering” support in the war against terror.

The Pakistanis question about what he gets after sacrificing thousands of indigenous men, women and children, both in the civil and militia wads, ever since the 9/11 fiasco, and the consequent war that was imposed upon us. This is not the first time we have succumbed to the vicious plans dictated by the foreign authoritarians. Be it the London bombings, Mumbai attacks or any other calamity hurting any part of the world, the tandem somehow tends to chain it with Pakistan, damaging it sovereignty and respect and consequently drowning the mass into the pangs of unrequited woes.

The bottomline is to convey the fact that it is hard time for us to learn from our past and fortify our avenues for the future. Instead of making ourselves the subject of overwhelming humility repeatedly (as a terrorist/ failed/ banana nation), we need to fend our objectives, and portray the inside out of ourselves as a civilized nation with unparalleled talent pool of individuals waiting to get their natural endowment to be unleashed.


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