I mused around in my reverie as I returned home after attending a friend’s gathering. Our chat was the usual ongoings around the city – the mutant “terrorists” fragging up the KESC head offices and the garrisons of security agencies, the ever dwindling situation of the economy, and possibilities of better opportunities abroad.

Since the inception, I had always been an ambassador of “Be- Pakistani, Buy-Pakistani” notion, advocating it with several privileges and liberties that we have enjoyed in this rather “strong, independent, Islamic” nation. But as time has passed by we have been afflicted with counter productivity of this imbroglio.

In the current wake of gruesome and gratuitous murder of SarfarazShah near one of the most critical places of Karachi, and that too at a point black distance is itself widely reviled. As if to aggravate the things further, the “operation” was conducted by the widely dreaded Rangers who have been supposed to be pretty viable in the wake of effete policemen.

Those who have had sympathy with them have justified this (heinous) act by proclaiming that the accused was liable of carrying a fake weapon. Whatever he was, he could have been trailed and consequently punished for the offence he had committed. But in a paradoxical nation embedded with ironical laws a just trail appears pretty evitable. After all, nobody knows once a recognized assassin and kleptomaniac; tomorrow he might be a President!



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