All is Well That Ends Well

Remember those times of your childhood when you craved for adulthood desperately so that you could attain all that “fame, money and fortune” that you couldn’t do at that age. Now that you are adult, these simply appear overrated.

Take education for instance. You always thought that when you were done with your education, you could get into some great, top notch organization where your boss would embrace you with a garland of crisp currency notes.  You always wished that you could lie down with a couple of damsels that could appease your taste as you lie down under the sunbath. But as you grew up, you realized that life is a despicable bitch that had at least a dozen of puppies to debauch your plans.

You finally ended up at some organization where your whimsical supervisor exploited your talent with the utmost impunity. When it came to promotions, your talent was like that of a goal keeper – nobody took notice of many goals you saved. Everyone remembered how many did you miss. After all, karma is a bitch!

It happens with each one of us. Everyone is hammered by fate at some point in time, and no matter whatever you do, you cannot save yourself from this – unless you are too lucky. When it came upon me, “drifting along with the gusts of life”  was one of the options that worked for me. My curiosity worked and I hung on a thin wire as I completed my education, and then got into a job which many envy.

Such are the vicissitudes of fate. They can let into troubles that you might have ever envisioned, and get you out of it that nobody might have ever wondered. I was desperate for a job, and despite all that “talent, experience and charisma” that others claim that I have, I was always desperate for something more.

They say that we should leave those things to the Almighty, over which we have little or control. Perhaps that’s the way things are supposed to be. Perhaps that’s the way it goes on.


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