The Ad Agency Spree

While marketing graduates may have several of reasons to get into an ad agency, the reasons on my part are pretty different and nunconventional. Despite the fact that the freelance stuff where I have worked on my skills for the past few years now, provides me flexibility to work through the comfort of my home and rewards me generously to bulwark financial whims that could have overwhelmed me over the time. However, the reasons to succumb to an ad agency appear pretty demented in the wake of these “amenities”.

Let’s start up with the tangible, and perhaps for most, the most important part: the salary package. As a newbie, you can hardly expect your employer to welcome you with a garland of crisp currency notes. Besides, one gets sufficient number of benefits in addendum to the salary package that counter the shortcomings of a freelance work professional.  Though my work experience happens to be related to the field applied for, most local employers don’t take it as a full time experience (a bitter reality that is hard to digest). And at the end of the day, while I continue working, it would be the work experience on the CV that counts most to the people around.

Now, the most important of this diorama – why an agency in particular? Well, an agency gives you an exposure perhaps no other (marketing) company might inextricably give you. For me, it’s easy to demonstrate why exactly things might be things may be ideal for a graduate while giving himself a startup at an ad agency.

First of all, you are working with FMCGs that are looking to market their product effectively – perhaps in a better way than they can do themselves. This way you interlinked with the company in the first instance and you get firsthand knowledge about the product or a service that a company is willing to market. You get to know about various aspects of the product itself and the dynamics through which it is supposed to be delivered to the customer. You are surrounded by a bunch of researchers, brand managers, media professionals and at times, celebrities that are supposed to be featured in that particular ad campaign. The end result is ecclesial.

The best part is that it doesn’t end up here. You are managing not one brand, but a dozen of brands that are assigned to you, so you have a great idea about not just one brand in particular, but various brands that come to you. You have a crisp idea about how each brand has a different set of marketing philosophies, so you are dealing with a unique insight and challenge of marketing it every day. The experiential learning cycle continues to move and inspire people like me.

There can be an exhaustive bunch of reasons to advocate reasons for working with an ad agency. For me, the above mentioned reasons confluence my decisions of working and growing with them.



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