P.S.: Please Don’t Shoot – Just Love Me!

From the very outset, the perspective of marketing that is riddled into our brains is more of a wargame – It’s a never ending vendetta that instigates with key terms like target audience & tactics and moves on with Bulls Eye and Shot Gun approach.

Pretty ironically, how we as customers expect to be  treated is greatly determined by the brand manager’s ability to interact with us on a personal

Mustaali Marvi
Love thy customer – the customer shall love thee!

level – or more precisely, how intimate brand managers are with us on the relationship level.

As a brand evangelist it is important to understand that the privacy of the customer is important as it forms the basic paradigm of how humane the brand is. While every other brand dupes the customer under multiple masquerades of being the ‘best product available in the market’, it is essential that your identity is distinct appealing at the same time.   While interacting with the customer it is important that our levels of intimacy are based on being a human rather than being some singular brand identity alone.

But how you convert a product into an experience is a major challenge. The core idea lies in thinking about the product in an unorthodox manner. According to John Bell there’s a good way to spark up creativity in your communications. He suggests that he uses a trick with co-workers when he’s trying to decide where to eat for lunch and no one has any ideas. And when he recommends McDonald’s, an interesting thing happens. Everyone unanimously agrees that they can’t possibly go to McDonald’s, and better lunch suggestions emerge. Works magic for him!

Secondly, marketing is just like a barter trade. The more you love a customer and the more you care for him, the more likely, he is going to get back to you. Sumit Roy, an Indian marketing expert, suggests that as long as you don’t feel don’t feel what you want your customer to feel for you, all the efforts and resources that put in is likely to end up somewhere down the drain.

Thus for an effective marketing campaign, not only you need to evaluate yourself & the number of resources you possess, but also your prospects as your ‘intimate’ and how does it shape the overall relationship between you and your customer.

As with real life affairs, you don’t have to linger on despite being ditched. You have to move on from one prospect to another. The only difference is that you are not going to be labeled as promiscuous even if your ‘love mate’ gets to know about another affair.

As for the rest, respect your new mate. Listen to her, anticipate her needs and give her enough space. As for rest of your romantic saga, the rules of this affair are rather simple to follow.

All the best!


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