Responsibility Inc.

Remember when you were a kid your biggest worry was something like if you could get a bike for your birthday or the most scrumptious meal in the breakfast? But now, that we actually have been adults, the whole idea turns out to be totally overrated. Like – I mean seriously: don’t be intimidated by a good, four wheel ride in between obnoxious riders on a four-lane-wide road and no parents there to poke you up for what you should do. Adulthood is a big responsibility: the word responsibility in bold, caps, highlighted, circled and articulated.

Responsibility – well, it really does suck! Adults have something because they have to be in places, do complicated things, earn a living, pay the rent: And luckily, somehow, if you are working as a marketer, managing some brand online, that is perhaps controversial or has some bigotry element attached to it & whose brand manager is based somewhere thousands of  miles across the seas – Woah, hello – managing its online social media channels is a huge responsibility!

Unfortunately, once you pass the age of training and ‘spoon feeding’, responsibility just doesn’t go away. It can’t be avoided anyways. Either someone faces it or we suffer the consequences. But like everything else, adulthood has its merits. Just talked about responsibility – consider the freedom of overlooking it and basking under the limelight of ‘stardom’ – for a moment at least – in case you are audacious enough to brace it…


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