Never Compromise with Yourself

We live our lives doing marketing – precisely: advertising – 7 days a week, 14 hours a day! We live our lives together more than being apart. After a while, it all goes apart: right from being a family to vitriolic adversaries – it all exists here. Molding the way of life we are supposed to live, there are five basic rules that shape our lives in this rather professional arena – Number 1: Always keep scoring. Number 2: Like it or not, always do whatever you can to outsmart the other guys. Number 3: Don’t make friends with the enemy. Number 4: The enemy of your enemy may not always be your friend. Number 5: There is always, always some sort of competition. Perhaps one thing has surfaced pretty much earlier than anything: Whoever said winning isn’t everything, never had this opportunity to grump along.

But unlike everything adventurous, there is one thing you should know: competition is not always thrilling. You continue to vent off your energy of your spleen in order to overshadow other’s brilliance.

There is another way to survive this competition that nobody else tells you about. It is because you got to learn it all by yourself. Life is not a race – like seriously, it isn’t. And at the end, there are no losers or winners. All that you may find in the end is fatigued men and viragoes.

As for the corporate life, victories are always counted by the number of hearts you win by the time you eventually retire off. Once in a while, if you are smart enough, you would realize that the heart you win, eventually, could be your own.


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