It’s been long. Very long indeed. I have been outcast as a result of burgeoning amount of onus with each passing day – and in order to assuage that, God Almighty has been kind enough to bless me with enough energy – enough that I wouldn’t succumb to the pangs of my recruiting woes.

As for now, I have surrendered. I have fought a long way, and have spent perhaps the most terrible days under the whims of my vicissitudes. I was pulling in my life in a line to get things through. I was pushed far, and trust me, there were moments when it felt great. But then, when ‘things’ dawned up in front of me, I was willing to give in to Karma. I realized that while you keep on busting other people’s balls, you are actually willing to live up an “enemy” life.

Most of us never want life to be a sprint marathon: a race where your accolade lasts until the moment when all the shenanigans and boisterous revelries are over or the until that time when you have ‘proven’ yourself to those who doubt you.

But as you grow older, senile, yet more sagacious, you are actually willing to raise your sails and let life glide you through. People have, and will always think of you as their rivals. You need to choose whom you choose to live with; and amongst those very few, whom you actually respect.


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