Anecdotes from the Rahbar Diorama – Part 1

Day 1 – Knowing thyself is Serendipity

It’s a crazy world out there and amidst all the chaos in the menagerie, you manage to wake up and reach to a place and at a time when you know that there is no monetary benefit behind this endeavor. But then, there is this priceless solace that vests your mind when you come to this place. They call it “The Citizen’s Foundation”. Now here, living in the shenanigans of serenity – between the laughters of the kids that play outside in the playground as we sit in a small, coveted library, busy in the ritual of knowing one another. By the time I could overcome my reverie, I could feel that there was so much to reminiscence, but the time would fly by. Seven weeks and approximately four hours each, is a pretty short time to succumb to. But then every good thing has to end sometime, and we can just hope that the idea with which we have come here ends up successfully, benefitting each one of us symbiotically.

Day 2 – Knowing our Mentees

For years people in the 19th century vested their faith on Einstein’s theory of “5-legged flee”, until one day the conundrum was finally demystified by a midgeted scientist. I always believed that things happened the same way when it comes to this place. The level of intellect I found at this place was astounding. For me, it had become an academic homage, a haven for solace and thriving ideas. In the coming days, there were many names that were supposed to come. For now, while I live this moment with these kids around me, I am just a little ecstatic. Six of them all, but as usual, I am still struggling to remember their names. However, the story that each one of them reveals is mesmerizing. Frankly – deep within – I envy each one of them. I miss going back to school and enjoying each one of these moments. However, we still manage to storm to reveal the story – to know how each one of us has managed to reached ‘this’ stage of life. It’s ecstatic. We end up discussing our group name, but we are still struggling with having the ‘right set of mindset’ to enunciate the camaraderie that would help us going in the coming days. In the end, time flies. As with all stories, we end up with some woes, some memories and some accolades to relish.


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