Anecdotes from the Rahbar Diorama – Part 2

 Day 3 – It’s all about YOU

The domino effect continues. The impact still lingers on. That’s the part about change. While it stays constant, the impact still lingers on, in the back of your mind. It’s my second day with the kids today and with more liberty in the ephemeral absence of Danish, my co-mentor, I am fully able to exercise it.

I begin with old, traditional yoga of clearing the minds of the students (read: kids). I encouraged them to explore what’s inside their heads – so that they are able to exhale or purge out what’s not required in this session.

All ready for the next 3 hours, I had set my basis for the next two and a half hours. the energy was already brimming up and one could see it coming. they shared what they wanted to be. that’s where the jinn started to trickle in. though it was not a formal one, but as Danish joined it, it bolstered the discussion as to have how as to how we could guide them to help them achieve their goals.

We elaborated with examples and defined how normal people could revisit their aspiration. We got to decipher how unaware mentees were with respect to their professions  or what they aspired to become.

Later we moved on to the mohallah/ community visit & explore reasons through which they could aspire things . Those who lived in the area and owned as theirs.

 Day 4: Success Unveiled

It’s the speaker session here at the TCF Rasheedabad School. Mr Vaqar ul Hasan, carries an extensive, prolific profile is here with an abundant treasure of knowledge, virtue and experiences that he is supposed to share with us. The brimming energy and the askewed smiles on the faces of the children showcase that they know what’s coming their way.

As a prologue, the sourcing of the speaker had not been an easy task anyway. But then, as a matter of luck and serendipity, we just found one. The story of his finding his still largely unknown till this day.

Anyways, in the next hour and a half we are half mesmerized. Vaqar sahab starts off with a long and elaborate story about his personal profile and back relates to how he started off. With humble and modest beginnings, his vicissitudes are worthy to pay an ear to. I could relate with him at various points during his entire life span. And by the time,  one could have expected that he had achieved what he was demented to do, something pretty unexpected happens. In the end, his story ends up with a lesson that even we as ‘adults’ could relate to.

However, the ‘real thing of the day’ was yet to come: questions from the kids. We could not help, but applaud the questions as they were being thrown at the speaker. The confidence was simply mind blowing.

Following this session, our paradigm for ‘soch se taqdeer tak‘, really got a quantum shift. The kids as well as the mentors could relate with real life examples of how success can come through education and perseverance.


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