Anecdotes from the Rahbar Diorama – Part 3

Day 5: The Exposure Trip

This was perhaps the most exciting part of the week – in fact, of the whole Rahbar program. After somewhat discreet doses of passionate career guidance, this was just another cherry on the top. Now, being here at the Coke factory, just after a strike just dwindled our plans of visiting Pepsi, laid here mystified as to what was about to come. The major credit here goes to Tuba, our coordinator for Rasheedabad School (In case, I just didn’t mention about her already).

Anyways, it’s not the very usual morning that we always get to experience. We are here, without our coordinator waiting to gather and learn more at the Coke factory, as the light drizzle in the morning session just made the things a little more pleasant for us. We reach the Coke factory, jam packed in a bus wobbling all sorts of things that our mentees could expect as well as some chants of antakshari reverberating all along the way.

Reaching there, we are escorted by a protocol of security guards to the meeting room, where a documentary is showcased to each one of us. Following this, we are introduced to each professional, starting from the HR and their responsibilities to Marketing & Sales as well as the production. The most sensational part again was the Q&A, where each person was bombarded with a number of questions ranging from their professions to the rumors associated with the brand. Followed by small brunch, we explore the production line at the factory.

Meanwhile, there is a lot of excitement & some of us would just stumble with questions while we return back to the school. As for the kids, we leave them intrigued, stymied and involved with inspiration. This is perhaps the best thing that could happen to them.


Day 6 & 7: The Valedictory Note

The final two days are all, but a deeper involvement in the into the career insight upon building up what the mentees have learnt and answering the rebuttals of a stronger involvement in the ‘Soch se Taqdeer tak’ imbroglio.

Since there was a lot to discuss about following the preceding sessions we had, we answered the questions through quite a lot of activities and games.

On the last day, followed by an elaborate ceremony, involving speeches, certificate & gift distributions and some autographs, we ended up our 7 week long drill of a memorable ride through the Rahbar cycle.

Though somber, we leave behind a part of our legacy, our memories and learnings that we shall share and cherish for years to come. 


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