foodpanda: A delight for foodoholics?

Having been in the field of digital marketing for quite some while now, I always wondered if there was some space in the digital sphere where people could order food online. Just then, as a matter of serendipity, I came across foodpanda. Regardless to say, these guys have done an amazing job in the past few years, particularly in terms of mobile app development.

Check out iOS App Store or the Play Store on Android phones and you would find that  foodpanda has an amazing integrated App that is first of its kind in the country. They boast that have already covered a greater market share and enjoy #1 rank in Apple appstore in the food category, covering more than 65% of their daily customer orders. Also, 15000+ orders were recorded in the first quarter of this year via mobile devices.

That’s seriously a great milestone. From my part, kudos foodpanda!

In case you want to know more, check out the following video:



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