Food Panda: Click Donate Campaign

Every Ramadan we get to hear about dozens of restaurant deals and menus, however, thanks to our gluttony avarice, little do we ever get to know about the contributions these entities make into the lives of those who matter the most. Most recently, FoodPanda, a Pakistani food franchise launched its CSR based initiative to reach out to the unprivileged classes via its donation campaign, under the title of ClickDonate.

Done in collaboration with TCS Connect, Orange Tree and SWAT, the campaign’s modus operandi is rather simple. The donor just has to log on to or access FoodPanda’s mobile app, and submit the donation money in a couple of steps. What more? The donor also gets a certificate delivered to his or her home in order to be acknowledged for the contribution made.  It’s as simple as it sounds.

 Though there should be more initiatives in this country considering the unstable situation in the country, particularly when the national security is at stake, and the number of IDPs burgeoning up with each passing day. While that may take some time to subside, it becomes our utmost responsibility to give to the society in as many ways as possible.

If you are reading this, I pledge you guys to be a part of this initiative and become a part of this greater good. 

Before you leave, I suggest you to view this video to understand what this campaign is all about:


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