The Good People

I have been through flip-flops all my life. While I accept that everyone faces obstacles in their lives, I also accept that the success of those ventures depends on the foundation on which one walks – especially on how firm and supportive it is. As I ponder, I realize that the challenges I have faced have allowed me to find a strong foothold within a situation that was never constant.

2014 has been one year, which I cherish with impromptu vicissitudes of fate – one where I developed camaraderie with some of the best people around and lost relationship with others whom I trusted as my ‘abets’ during my best times.

Everything else apart, let’s just face the music. The truth is that we’re all damaged. We carry the damage with us from childhood and as grown ups, we give as well as we get. Ultimately, we all do damage and then we set about the business of fixing whatever we can. The truth is that most of us like to think of us as rational beings. Humane, consciences, civilized, thoughtful but when things fall apart even just a little, we’re no better than animals. Pragmatically speaking, we aren’t good humans by any definition. Accept the fact that good people aren’t made; they are born. It takes gestation, and a lot of sacrifice that looms over the period of years that you stand up as someone worth being respected for. For God’s sake, don’t be the one who falls trapped into this menagerie of moral orgy. But there is no worst sight than seeing a person ethically debauched.


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