Peek Freans Sooper- The Number One selling biscuit of Pakistan

The magic happens today! Going through my ongoing marketing research I found out that Peek Freans, the same brand that has been producing some of the best biscuits has hit another milestone. Its brand, Sooper, has relived its spirit of delivering the mouth watering, delectable cookies, not only across Pakistan, but also in over 13 countries. Today, this brand has surpassed the PKR 11 billion mark in Pakistan, becoming the number one selling biscuit of the country!

The success is translated by the fact that the brand had launched its second SKU last year, by the name of Sooper Elaichi, conjuncted with wonderful advertising. Today, the brand holds the biggest market share in the plain sweet segment at 37 percent, according to the AC Nielsen. Besides, Sooper was also elected as the 2nd most favorite brand during the Brand Elections conducted by MEMRB Research agency across Pakistan.

Now that’s simply Sooper-b!


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