Empowering Women to Empower Pakistan

I hate to confess it, but I must laud the efforts that my country’s women have pulled in this year. Despite all that Pakistan has been through, it was these women who were able to bag up the Oscar, the Emmy, the Gold in Olympics and a Nobel Peace Prize within the last couple of years. Though the stark realities of the ground contrast pretty badly against the shimmer of their accolades, there is, and perhaps would always be a brighter side of the coin, that would lift our spirits up in the times to come.

Despite all the odds we confront as the nationals of the Pakistani society, it is this soil that has been able to reap, nourish and polish these girls, enabling them to become the cynosure of the international media.

Think of it this way: Who would have thought that a country, that it rated as one of the worst countries in terms of women literacy rate, would one day, bag a Nobel Peace award for her services in the name of education? Perhaps none of us!

The good part: this doesn’t end up here. Recently, in order to create awareness regarding the importance of girl child education, SOC Films in collaboration with Chime of Change, created a series of short documentaries on young girls who want to achieve their dreams and aspirations to seek excellence in various professions in future whether it’s sports, literature, science, math, activism, or so on and so forth. Chime For Change, a global movement is aimed at strengthening voices speaking out to support the cause of promoting justice, health and education for girls and women the world over. These documentaries were screened at an event in New York on 11th October this year, which is also celebrated as the International Day of the Girl Child. The event was also featured in Huffington Post.

Areeba Fatima, a student of Dawood Public School, one of the biggest girls’ school in Karachi, is also featured in one of the documentaries* where she expresses her desire to become a diplomat to be able to represent Pakistan at the UN and paint a positive picture of the country. Dawood Public School is among the very few schools that aim to empower women by giving them the confidence of facing the world through participation in many extracurricular activities including sports, debates, performing arts etc.

Being a recipient of these honors is heart warming and I personally hope that this series of events does not end – ever!

* The documentary can be viewed here: http://vimeo.com/107582646

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