Blogger Meet Up at TGIF

This is the life of a typical Karachiite corporate slave. You work like a demented junk from 9 until dusk, and then, vent out all the frustration by treating yourself at one of those umpteenth number of restaurants that have mushroomed all over the city.

It was Tuesday, the 2nd. Having been invited on my maiden blogger meet up session a couple of days prior to the event, it was one of those get together sessions whose memories I shall relish for quite a long time. Set up amidst the wonderful aura of Classical American Rock, spiced up by their lip smacking authentic Angus burgers, in a company of some great friends, Thank God It’s Friday (TGIF) was certainly a place to be.

Though the meet up revolved mostly around the introduction of some new variants under the head of “Bold & Juicy”. Served with the spicy Calamari soon after we settled in, it was something really good to start off with, however for me, the cynosure was its authentic Mushroom Onion Cheese (Angus) burger.

With authentic seasoning and grilled up to perfection, it was something that one shouldn’t really miss.

Besides, the menu card may make give you the impression of digging deep into your wallet, but as you consume your order, you’ll definitely feel delighted for the amount of money that you invested in your food.

Though drinks are a bit of a turn off, however, TGIF’s signature Ultimate Electric Lemonade is a safe gamble for the taste buds of all breeds of connoisseurs.

My standpoint: TGIF is a must visit place if you are looking forward to have a good time with your friends or family while you are not frugal with your budgets. You’ll certainly not regret being there anyway. Happy dining! 🙂


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