Degraded Food or Distasteful ‘Connoisseurs’?

For quite sometime now, I have realised that the “degrading” food quality has been under scrutiny and has been condemned by various ‘connoisseurs’ of the city, mainly over Facebook. Mainly criticised for being “indigestible” and “unhealthy”, most dishes are almost without exception “a bunch of unwanted calories.”

However, contrary to the popular traditions, what I have learnt is that quite a lot of Pakistanis who detest the air bubble that they refer to as the “boom of Pakistani cuisine”, do not consider that our food is the best in Asia and perhaps the rest of the world.

“Whenever someone talks about the fame of Pakistani food in the world, I think about the shortcomings of a country in need of foreign recognition to feel self-respect. In principle, I want to make clear that this is a brilliant opportunity to take advantage of a rather “circumstantial and even frivolous” issue. However, I admit that it’s a tantrum. Pakistani food, almost without exception is a firecracker of carbohydrates, an inexplicable mixture of ingredients – many of them are delectable enough to make you lick your fingers.

Now with the advent of multiple outlets and online food ordering options such as, one can always relish the taste at the convenience of their homes. The simple online ordering procedure and oven hot delivery of the food, right at the doorstep, makes the experience even more enriching.

What more? I know restaurants or outlets where cooks prepare the best dishes with their ‘secret’ antediluvian combo of fresh spices and techniques. For instance, experience Javed or Sabir Nehari, or in case you are a barbeque fan, check out Barbeque Tonight or the restaurants at Dou Darya sometime, and I am pretty sure, you’ll love them!


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