Carpe Diem

“Team, we made it today!”, he exclaimed. He hurried out of the board room slamming the door behind him. With caffeine brimming in his temple and a fresh rush of adrenaline pumping through his veins, we could all sense that he had nailed his presentation with the client over the concall. His energy was so overwhelming, it could overturn the frown of any morbid, witless soul on that day.

We exchanged felicitations on getting one step closer to grabbing the account of one of the largest CPGs of the country. The unnerving moment relieved us off the weeks of sleepless nights that we had spent at our workplace. From brainstorming those crazy jingles to twisting and “enlarging the logo” of the artwork: from relishing the moments of utter silence to resolute, irascible squabbles. We had perhaps, done it all.

And then came the D-Day. The phone rings. With that sly smirk carved all across his face, we got the signal that there is some good news rolling in soon. He hurries himself back into the room to suppress his excitement, and to conceal the joy that he was about to be embraced with. Truth be told, we were more excited than he was.

In a matter of few minutes, he came out of the room, as composed as he used to be. With no hint about what was about to come, he starts of with his conventional hammering of his keyboard on his MacBook. We surmised that perhaps the news was about to hit us by surprise: that the history was about to be written to us in black & white – and perhaps, at the same time it would also pronounce the end of our “slothy” days.

Boom… the news never came in. Life went on and we got our heads together to start off with another vicious cycle of pitching up to the clients – all over again.

The truth is: That’s the way our life is. It happens to all of us. Nobody can ever evade it. Perhaps, that’s the only thing you can never change as a human being – Your Fate.

The question is: how are you supposed to plan a life, a career, a family when all of us are continuously involved in grappling up with the carpe diem?

Perhaps, if we all seized every moment of every day, there wouldn’t be any problems. No problems would mean not striving for our betterment. Consequently, there wouldn’t be anyone “mending our damage” for us. No doctors, no engineers, no businessmen – and worst of all, no marketers to make them realize that the need for the resolution of a certain problem exists.

We were all meant to live in the present. Whatever you have in the moment is meant for now. Don’t push yourself against the wall of the future so hard that you forget the privileges of what you have at the moment. Don’t be a quack of your own destiny whereby you are busy scribbling your own “five years from now” in the most quixotic way.

Do yourself a favor today: Live your life.

Tomorrow: Repeat.


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