It was 31st March 2014. I’d quit one of the most challenging jobs of my career, little knowing about what was about to come next. I was on a spree to quarantine myself from the ‘vicious’ world, and search for some ‘Utopia’ for myself. Now, almost 364 days down the road, that road to peace still seems imminent. At times discreet: and on other days, far from my bay. But right from its gestation, my faith still lingers on. Perhaps, for once, I have learnt that things don’t change, along as your fate determines it to be the best choice for you. For once, I have had this standpoint: Fight until you can’t anymore. Never let go. Never surrender. You fight, even when it seems inevitable: that you’re about to go down swinging. Fight like it were the last time. But perhaps, you never think that the last time is the last time. You think there will be more. You think you have forever, but you don’t. Accept that you’ll have to fight those battles on your own. Trust the fact that when you are in a set of some pesky bunch of people, the only person whom you can depend on is you. Even in case you end up in a failure, don’t despair. There would always be people who envy and those who turn you down. There would always be circumstances that would not be favorable for you. It depends on how you react to them. In those times, follow my advice: Move on, and do not quit.


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