Delivering Happiness – A Story for Everyone With A Passion

A wonderful read!

Creative Solutions

There comes a spark which needs to be grabbed and held on to. There is passion which must be nurtured and grown to the next level. There is an idea that can make you or break you. The story relayed in Delivering Happiness- A Zappos Story by Tony Hsieh is about a spark that ignited, passion that exploded and an idea which became a phenomenon.

This book is a must read, even for non-readers. To make it accessible for all, I have produced a summary for each chapter.

The book of the present The book of the present

 Chapter 1 Summary

Chapter one is based on the CEO (Tony Hsieh) of Zappos who was celebrating with his employees upon the good news that Amazon had bought Zappos. He looks back at his journey, trying to pinpoint when he started as an entrepreneur and he realized that it dates back to elementary school and his venture…

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