Food Panda Launches its iDonate Campaign

In the wake of shortage of food supplies during the month of Ramadan, FoodPanda has come up with a philanthropic campaign whereby it would distribute food to the needy via Edhi/Saylani Welfare Centres. However, the discretion to distribute to either of these platforms depends on the public appeal.

All one needs to do is to interact with FoodPanda on its social media platforms and raise their consent for their donation of the staple food items. These social media platforms principally involve its Facebook and Twitter page where people can submit their feedback by duly submitting their feedback in the comments section of the post. Contributors can also participate via the hashtag #monthofblessings and #foodpandacares.

Provided the fact that FoodPanda would be involved throughout the process, the contributors won’t be obliged to pay a single penny, whatsoever. Throughout the span of two weeks, FoodPanda would be dedicating a considerable amount of budget by distributing staple food amongst the needy.

I would pledge you to support this cause by spreading the word to as many people as you can. It would certainly help to make a great difference.



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