Humiliating Ourselves

On May 17, 2015, some innuendos about an indigenous incorporation in an American newspaper invoked havoc over the digital media. Instrumented by an American investigative journalist, the article incriminated the organisation of issuing illicit degrees and certificates. Ignited by the impasse, the FIA officials raided the organisation and impeached it for impiety, ignobility and irreverence of international litigations. The implausible implication took the whole nation by storm. Backed by some incorrigible and incredulous history, the incognito ‘I.T’ Company was found out to be an iniquitous incubation center for harbouring illegitimate business affairs.

For others, it invigorated an invidious importune to insult, impeach and cast an irrevocable damage on the so-called, iconoclastic “World’s Leading Information Technology” company. At at the same time, it iced the culture of yellow journalism and bolstered the inscrutable insularity of media houses in the country. The speculators, on the other hand, had imbibed the incense of the inadvertent incident of the impeachment of the parent company of the “Pakistan’s Largest Media Group”, Bol.

In the recent realm of affairs, imbibed by Axact’s impresario, the infiltrate inflicted yet another damage: this time, the wife of an indiscreet political infigurement, Imran Khan for her insidious involvement in having her issue degree issued from an illicit organisation.

Amidst this imbroglio, my intention is not to overwhelm you with my rather esoteric ‘I’ riddled grandiloquent verbiage, but to identify the missing impache – the ever immune, and forever insolent – “I”.

Had we been particular about identifying and indemnifying the our social and moral architecture; had we been anticipative of our moral impeachment before we pointed out fingers at other “corrupt” souls, we could have avoided this arduous ignominy and backlash.

So the next time you make some harrowing allegations, make sure you have scrutinised your moral self: your ill-judged, ill-disposed “I” before humiliating this nation.


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