Storytelling in Marketing

Over the years, I have seen multiple brand getting stumped for the sole reason that they took up an ongoing convention as part of the “story” that they benign to tell to their audience. The truth is that your consumer isn’t just good enough to make rational decisions. Most brands would usually succumb to an emotional idea of trying to resonate it with a fad that may have little to do with their true brand identity. If you truly want your idea to resonate, you need to reach out both intellectually and emotionally. Most of us are aware of the story of the Classic Coke. The disaster only occurred as a consequence of the irrelevance of the dichotomy that marketers assumed to be an issue for the audience at that point in time. So how do you build up a story for your audience? How do you learn to create better? How do you innovate a story when every individual on earth is unique to help him find a space between your story? The answer doesn’t lie in the innovation alone. It lies in the collective confidence in the possibility of innovation. It lies in deriving the possibilities of what and how your plot is being delivered and how your customers can derive their own story out of it. Find that unique spot in your brand identity. Help your consumer identify here he lies amidst all the content that he is being hammered with each day. That’s because your consumer’s brain is wired that way. You write memos, to-do lists, shopping lists and what not: And when you don’t remember what you ought to do, you go back to your list, because apparently our brains don’t process number that very well. We tell our peers stories, because we love to share our experiences. That’s the same things with your brands: when you tell people a great story, they can relate themselves in the same situation – just because great experiences are memorable.


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