A friend of mine with whom I used to carpool with every morning has flown back to his country, and I was all whiny about the fact that I had to board some public transport early in the morning. For a moment I didn’t realize that had it been in my native land, where public transportation is worse than deplorable, things could have just swung out of control and I would have landed at the office at least an hour late.

The things that happened to me this morning aren’t really novel to me. Each one of us has experienced this at least once in our lives. But then, it’s human nature to recalibrate. But maybe it’s worth fighting that off, for an hour or even a day. We live in a world that’s hetero, uneven, and worst of all, unfair.

For some good bunch of reasons it’s okay that way. Embrace it. You don’t get creative once everything is okay. In fact, we are creative because everything isn’t okay.

If today isn’t the way it was supposed to be, what else could it have possibly been? Recalibrate and you’ll discover a universe of possibilities.



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