Imagine a boy standing on the shores of an obstreperous harbor. Two miles away, faint, lying on the horizon, panting out of his sense of achievement – gazing right into the sun as he postulates on the golden sand.

All the other boys said that it was impossible to go there. But this one boy thinks it can be done. The others gaze as he kicks off his shoes, and plunges into the water. They watch with shock as he goes farther from the shore. They whisper to each other solemnly that he would drown, and never make it, and in case he turns around, he’ll just make it harder.  The others propagated that it was just another belligerent stunt in a series of his self assertive, unilateral moves.

The water was cold, and the current was strong. With every stroke, the boy had to fight off the chills, and battle with the tide rushing in from sea. Anyone watching him, as his schoolmates did from the shore, who barely made out anything other than a tiny speck moving through the sea, would have thought he stood no chance against the waves. But that thought never entered the boy’s mind. His muscles and his heart, pounded. But the water would not defeat him.

The ramparts of the fort were still a mile away, but he stood at the point of no return. Turning back was no longer an option. Why did he cross that invisible line? Why risk his life great odds that stood against him? The question now in front of him wasn’t why did he make a move; it was, what kept him from drowning, while he was mid way across the shore.

Another day, with warmer water, but currents carrying him, he might have made it; but on this day, he would only make half of the way as his arms gave out and numbness overtook him. The coast guard pulled him out of the water despite his protests. Was he reckless, or was he foolish? Possibly. One thing can’t be denied however. What others considered to be as impossible, he refused to believe in such. The water proved him wrong, and he fell far short of the other shore, but yet, he made the attempt. And that, is everything!


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