Diaries of a Vagabond

Pummeled under the onus of job woes, where referrals and experience tend to be a very “valid” reason to exploit young graduates like me who are going to pass out this year. Coupled with the “humility” of being in a State University, the situation actually wilts when he/she is questioned about his/her seminary counterparts and their participations. Well, accepted the fact that there ain’t much to develop ourselves and our department altogether. But then, why are students meant to bear all the blame. If one has any doubts, this should be tested empirically, verified on the basis of merit and talent, and only then a judgement should be  forwarded.

I vividly remember how I had been offered a position in a multi national architecture firm, when my plans to become an architect were rudimentary. In the initial stance, it was just a pre-test of how worthwhile I could be in the market. Surprisingly, it was a success.

The story never ended up here. I kept on applying and it was not until a couple of years ago, that I got to clear interviews and was offered some fairly good position to kick start with.

But as with most good stories, the success stories turned out to be ephemeral. The financial crisis loomed up the country, the country was pummeled by the “true democracy”, and the job/internship offers ceased.

The course continues till today. Frankly, my concern is not whether I would be able to get a respectable job and support my family. For a fresh graduate like me, there can be three viable options: Get a job, continue with further studies, or go abroad. Unfortunately, all three require the heinous experience! Till then I dabble round as a soul who sneaks out little pleasures in petty things.


4 thoughts on “Diaries of a Vagabond”

  1. I was just going through instagram profiles of people who liked my photos today and came across your blog in the process. I should tell you that I am supposed to be up at 5 am tomorrow for work but your blog had me hooked to it for thirty minutes!

    You write really well, my friend.

    God Bless! 🙂

  2. I am really not sure what to say, Qurat. Mere thank you would be an understatement. I am resonating for the best pack of words from “pagli, rulaye gi kia” to “Buddy, you just made my day!”. Well, I hope you get the gist of it. 🙂

    And yeah, you and the guys at 18% grey are doing an awesome job! I just heart your pictures. May God bless you, too! 🙂

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