Zendagi Megzara

Life is complicated. The more you may try to simplify it, the worse it becomes. For everything else, what you need to learn is to ignore the unimportant stuff, and go ahead with something rejuvenating. Just the way plants do. They shun their old, yellow leaves in the times of “difficulty” and go ahead with the course of life. Of course, it’s never easy to find “evergreens” in our life. But the trade-off is making the life much more complicated for yourself, and perhaps nobody would succumb to that.

When you ask an afghan layman how he goes on with his life, he’s more likely to respond back by saying: “Zendagi megzara” or “Life is going on”. Perhaps, this is what we never imply to our lives. Life goes on. We meet people, we lose some of them, and then meet some new ones. For this is the circle of life.

I recently lost an important friend of my life in a car accident. Unlike my best school and college mates, most of them who either flew abroad or were lost in the quagmires of life after our academic careers ended up, this one certainly came up as a shock to me. For sure, they are missed. But then God never does injustice. He doesn’t leave you “amputated with your peripherals”.  Either you get bold enough to stand and confront,or alternatives seem to exist. In the grotesque of our lives, the standpoint remains unfettered at the end. Trust yourself. As for in the times of need, you won’t find anyone better than yourself.


I am back… Oh, my back!

I know its a bit obnoxious staying away from my blog since a long time. But now that I am back, I am coming up with some major changes. I won’t be uploading any of those articles that were actually meant to lure people to dabble through, most of the time confusing them at the end with my grandiloquence and its “creativity”. This time, I have planned to be a bit more casual, something more of what I am or what I want to be.
At present, I have been seriously “bludgeoned on my back” with my university assignments. And thanks to my ever precarious nature that hasn’t learnt yet how to give a damn to it. Anyways, keep praying. Hope to come up something good, something interesting soon!

The Ramadan Diorama

The sound of the sana’a echoed through the airs of the holy month. I glared through the dimly lit room, dizzily across for the sehri, as my parents had already lunged in for their respective spaces. I sighed and walked across spanking my face with some water and gargling and the beginning of the new day. This was not the usual day, of course. It was the dawn of the first of Ramazan, the holiest month of the Islamic calendar, positioning itself ninth in the chronology. My sleepy eyes and hunger struck devotion would rummage out the best of food that would appeal my appetite. However, it was all not very romantic. My reluctance to have morning breakfasts brewed in, and not very surprisingly, I ended up in a couple of slices of breads that were unevenly smeared up with butter and jam. It was awful tasting it, but perhaps I was left with no better option. Later, I succumbed to a glass full of milk, and rolled on back to my covers for a short nap. It was pretty quick that it was already time for my fajar prayers. I changed in my clothes, and tried managing to rush to the mosque in time. I managed finding a fair space for myself. Amidst some stale, and some sleep struck souls like me, I sneaked for someone I knew well, but didn’t find one. I spread across a facetious smile to the odd looking souls. My inside delved in an endless encounter with myself,not knowing which way to flock to after such a drama. Sanity disappeared like ice under heaped salt and I made up my mind that I would never forgive myself for this. I hadn’t even a notion of what drove me into this place. Was it the early seizure of devil’s temptations, that had succeeded in the reluctance of prayers throughout the past one year, or some karma that was influencing myself at the turn of event. Whatever it could have been it was altogether taboo.

Amidst everything, a cool breeze blew in, purging in all the disbelieves I had been lingering with throughout this time. The melodious sound of Allah O Akbar followed which is a signal for a formal start of prayers. I was all in mesmerized for some time, and a flash of all the major sins I had committed in the last year succeeded in. As I stood up for the prayers, i realized in that there there could have been no better moment when I could face my Lord so closely, and admit my wrong doings, and seek forgiveness for them. A flurry of tears flowed through. My voice muffled in a series of water droplets, which worth more than an amulet right now, or diamonds given down as alms for my blunders. As I bowed down, I could feel the incantations being revealed down to me. I realized that I was heard, and amidst everything that went on in the past years, I was being liberated from it bellows. It was magical, celestial and subtle, in a way, that no one could ever capture it. I was loving it.

I turned back home, rushed in to my room. I could still feel the sensation that came to me. I crushed my ear firmer against the bed pillow to hear my heartbeat tick like a rhythmic clock. I felt my mind fall into half slumber as I counted each one. I sleepily moved into my day dream, as I tickled up to gear up for another splendid Ramadan.

Marketing via Twitter

With the advent of Twitter, there has been robust change in the people’s “advertisement”. Without spending a single penny, one can actually promote him/ herself in an effective manner. One of such methods has been the use of blogs for getting people know you. Amongst such ways are listed under:
Let People Know What Your Blog is All About:

Gear up by creating your profile over your Twitter Profile page. Fill in your info, but make sure you pay special attention while you put in your blog address in the “more info URL”, and gain in interest of the followers by letting them know what the blog is all about. The more you entice, the more successful you are at luring individuals to your blog.

Setting Up Appropriate Tweets:
The success of your blog mostly depends upon how well you go up with identifying the tone and tweet of the blog. If your blog is a serious one, you need to be more professional at display. If it is meant to be humorous, you can use lighter and slapstick tone.
Take Some Time to Study the Followers:

The more you concentrate on the niche individuals who follow your blog. Set up your blog according to their tastes, so that it becomes a more fascinating experience for them every time they visit.
Give Approprite Keywords:

Another way to increase your blog promotion is by adding in appropriate keyword that match to your blog. Those who have one of your keywords in their name might be someone who would be interested in your blog. Start following them and they will probably at least check you out.
Reward People for visting your Blog:

If feasible enough set up a sort of a reward for those who follow you.Give them a follow-up code, and they become the honoured visitors of your blog.
There are several other ways you can promote your blog. The limitations are bound only by your imagination. Till then, happy blogging!


Encountering the Mythical Swine Flu

The rise of contagious Swine Flu has caused more panic around the world than any other disease. From the idiot box at home to the general conversation with colleagues, every person has some story to tell regarding Swine Flu. The recent intrusion of the disease in South Asia, particularly Pakistan, has allowed me to provide a deep insight into the disease and demystify the mythos associated with it. 1. Lets start the story from the scratch. As in the name itself- Swine Flu. That means one can only contract swine flu from pigs? Pretty untrue. In most of the recent cases, the virus has been shown to mutate, allowing swine flu to pass between humans. 2. Swine flu is so serious you should go straight to hospital if you think you have contracted it – Another myth which serves only to overload A & E departments. If you think you have swine flu, call your doctor and seek advice. By going into crowded places, such as a hospital, you risk infecting others, including those who are already sick and may have suppressed immune systems, leaving them vulnerable to complications involving the respiratory tract. 3. Swine flu is curable by Tamiflu – False. But it is not resistant to drugs either. Tamiflu can just help reduce the length of the disease. So far no drug has been produced that can actually counteract the virus. 4. The most common of all is that people consider that face masks can actually protect them from the Swine Flu. Face masks are just meant to minimize the outbreak of the disease through coughing or sneezing, and are not associated with resistance of the disease. 5. Swine flu, like aids, has no cure but death. Well, there have been considerable figures to justify the assertion. But thats not actually because people are infected. Its more because they have been unable to encounter the concerns they have been infected with it. People are not dying from swine flu, but from complications brought on by infections and health problems already in existence. 6. Pets can catch or induce Swine Flu – Good to comment over a humorous gathering! Plenty mentioned, these are only some of the myths behind the “anathema”. Rather than quarantine yourself and be absolutely isolated from the fears of catching the virus , wash your hands regularly and use anti-bacterial wipes on surfaces and objects if you are particularly concerned. After all, prevention rather than cure.



Hazrat Ali A.S said:

A time will come when evil will be extensively prevalent. At that time, the crescent will appear unusually bigger as if it were two nights old, at times it will not even be seen and will be so hidden that people will not fast on the first day of Ramazan and on account of not seeing the crescent they will fast on the Eid day.

Then save yourselves, please save yourselves in those times. Allah will punish people at that time due to their negligence. Indeed in those days sudden deaths will be current amongst people. Death will attack people so quickly that a person who is sound and healthy in the morning will be in his grave by the evening. He will be absolutely alright in the evening, but will be a corpse in the morning. So in such a time it is incumbent on people to keep ready their last will and testament before the coming of the trouble and offer their prayers early in right time because there Is always a fear that perhaps death may overtake them suddenly. Then whoever from you reaches such a generation should not sleep at night but with Taharat and remain in Taharat all the time.

PAKISTAN- A Failed State?

As Pakistan enters into the new century, it is still spiralled into the miseries of the “failed” third world nation. Frequently fluctuating on the idiot box, both as nation with young, brimming talent; and a nation with politicians and the army inundated into the corruption and heinous crimes, Pakistan’s image has fluctuated throughout the years. Some tend to predict that Pakistan, unlike Iraq, is pushed into a land of civil war, with terrorism out-leashed, and the clash within ethnic, social and religious group tend to come upon no mutual understanding. In the eyes of many foreign powers, Pakistan, a nuclear power, has become a ticking time bomb, ready to explode at any time.

Some are even of the viewpoint that Pakistan, may sooner or later face the same consequences as East Pakistan, today known as Bangladesh, which separated as a result of the uncontrolled ethnic and various other differences. Yet still, some questions still remain unanswered.

The problems that emerged around more than sixty years ago, right after the independence, have still not been fixed. The socio-economic troubles such as wealth distribution has remained critical. The feudal societies have not promoted the nourishment of any government, civil or military, to prosper and resolve the problems of people, if ever they tried to felt sympathetic to them.

The educational problem also tend to linger around with less than 45% capable of reading, or even writing their own name. The same goes with the health care facilities. With high infant mortality rates, and death rates, the accessibility to basic health-care seems to be out of reach of people.

Besides, the hay-wired religious segregation and implementation, by those who have used religion to bulwark themselves, or for the acquisition of their personal motives, have marred the religious concepts and beliefs for the Pakistanis as a whole.

The problems can be extended to every aspect and facet of a mundane Pakistani. The list goes on and on. Yet the derivation of a panacea seems inevitable.

In the light of my personal synthesis, the following seems to be the most  derivative to most ails of the country.

Firstly, the Constitution, which is meant to be a compass and a guiding principle for the nation, should be upheld supreme, unadulterated and sacred. No amendments should be allowed into it that tends to cater politicians’ avarice and appetite.

Secondly, the law and order should be made equal for every citizen, not matter from which background a person may belong to, and must be ensured that it is PRACTICED the same way.

A lot of budget is wasted upon the defence of the country, mostly to protect against the neighbour country’s aggression and belligerence. Hence, rather than spending such a huge amount gratifying a useless needs of vendetta; such an amount should be invested in country’s social welfare, like education and rural development, while the government itself should focus upon building up better, and stronger relationships, based upon symbiotic fraternity with its neighbour countries.

For some people it might seem like a dream but all nations have to dream before the dream comes true. If Pakistanis don’t fulfill their founder’s dream, I am afraid their dream might turn into a violent nightmare in the not so distant future.

Obstreperously maverick vagabond